When your work is compared to Vincent Van Gogh

It's humbling to have your paintings compared to a great artist like Vincent Van Gogh. Here's a look at the Liz Lidgett Gallery Journal:

Vincent Van Gogh + Karin Olah
Image: Karin Olah, Little Barn 8, Mixed media with textiles on linen, 8 x 8 in, $300

Van Gogh will always be one of my favorite artists. His dreamy paintings are both soothing and jarring. While he is known for making a large collection of self portraits, he is also famous for his abstracted landscapes. The landscape is seen through the eyes of the artist; it is his interpretation of the places he is painting. While he was a post-impressionist, and therefore had a very soft feel to his pieces, as does Karin Olah. Her works are a view into the way that she sees the landscape, the countryside and the homes that are planted there. While Van Gogh's work was chaotic and frightened, Olah’s is very reminiscent, cozy and lovely. They both have altered reality to show the way these places have touched them and the way they feel about them. Olah, as you can feel from her work, loves the farm and it stirs a familiar familial memory.

Thank you Aly Jensen for the huge boost of confidence!

Liz Lidgett Gallery represents my art in Des Moines Iowa.

See available work here: https://www.lizlidgett.com/karin-olah

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